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Governance of the CCMC

The guidance of CCMC is facilitated by a team of Council members. The Council is composed of individuals drawn from various regions of the country. Meetings are via teleconference bimonthly. 

CCMC Council Members 

André Choquet  - National Coordinator


Martin Malina - Past National Coordinator

Denisse Connors - School Coordinator & Atlantic Region Coordinator

Barbara Bater – Manitoba Regional Coordinator


Mark Schofield – Quebec English Regional Coordinator

Maeve Slein – BC Regional Coordinator  -

Andrea Siqueira  - Alberta & Saskatchewan Regional Coordinator

Brian Bartley – Southwestern Ontario Regional Coordinator

Madelaine Mageau – Northeastern Ontario, Southcentral & Seaway Coordinator

Elaine Mills – Toronto Area Coordinator

Rachelle Fortin – Liaison with MCQRFC

Andy Burns – Meditation in Schools

Clem Sauve – WCCM Consult

Lise Babin – Treasurer CCMC Corporation

Carolin Hwozdyk – Newsletter

Ibolya Agoston – Friends Program Coordinator

Méditation Chrétienne du Québec (MCQ)

Luis Zunino – Website Coordinator - Website Team

Andy Burns – Meditation in Schools - Groups updates - Website Team

Andrea Siqueira – Multimedia - Website Team






CCMC National Contacts List Link
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