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Published four times a year, the Newsletter includes:

• a calendar of up-coming events
• news from meditation communities across the country
• personal reflections on a broad range of topics
• information on new publications
• The World Community for Christian Meditation International Newsletter

The Newsletter performs a very important function.The Newsletter is the vital link that connects us across thousands of miles, which few of us travel more than rarely.  In that sense, it is what puts the "C" in CCMC, and makes us a truly Canadian community, rather than a scattering of local ones.  As such, we become a more tangible seedbed for new members and new groups, especially in those wide areas where we are still few.

Part of supporting the Newsletter is submitting and encouraging the submission of material. Be attentive to the activities and initiatives of the people around you -- there may be a short report in it, or even a longer exploration.  The items you share with the Newsletter may be of benefit to another meditator you have never met, in ways you cannot imagine.

Word count guidelines in general:
• Weekend Events/Special Twilight Retreats – 400-500 words
• Reports on events for News from Far and near – 150-350 words
• Personal stories for editorial consideration – 300-400 words

Photo guidelines:
Pictures are important – they add so much to the warmth and energy of the publication.  Please include them if you can.
• Set cameras to the highest possible quality, then send a copy of the original file as an attachment.
• Close-up or medium-close shots (1-3 people) reproduce best. Big group photos rarely work in the space we have.
• Pictures that are not in sharp focus normally can’t be used.

Submit articles and pictures to:

Carolin Hwozdyk
Newsletter Editorial Coordinator

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