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Practical Tips For Practising Meditation

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Some people choose to light a candle or place a cross in a prominent location during the meditation, as a mark of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  This is optional, as no visual focus should be placed on such an icon during meditation.

In our tradition, the focus on the mantra continues throughout the period of meditation, even if a tranquil stage is reached.

Many groups and individuals begin their session with a prayer and piece of spiritual music that fades into silence.  At the end of the meditation period the music fades back in, and often a further prayer is said to complete the practice.

At the end of your meditation, you may be tempted to evaluate how well it went - Don't!  Even after years of practice, established meditators will tell you that they too still suffer distractions.  This is perfectly normal.


• We are not looking to judge how good we are at meditation
• We are not searching for an experience of some kind
• We are not looking for results
• We are just trying to be faithful to the discipline
• Any results are likely to emerge over a long period of time

Meditation and Other Forms of Prayer

Christian meditation is far from the only way to pray.  Practitioners also engage in many other forms of prayer: vocal, liturgical, intercessory, charismatic, Ignation spiritual exercises, etc.  Many find that that meditation deepens other areas of their prayer life.

Is Meditation for You?

Meditation is simple, but it is not easy.  Some people take to it quickly, while others find that the distractions so great they feel they cannot make progress with it.  Of the latter group some sadly give up, but those that persist and overcome their barriers often gradually grow into the practice as it becomes increasingly meaningful for them.  There is no straightforward answer to the question - you will need to make the judgement yourself through experience and faith.


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