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Why Should I Join A Meditation Group?

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• The Christian meditation group is a spiritual phenomenon and a source of great hope in our turbulent times.

• Small groups of people in more than 115 countries around the world meet weekly to meditate.  They gather in in homes, churches, prisons, hospitals, schools and universities and places of work, to share the silence in simplicity and stillness.

• The format of a Christian Meditation Group is itself simple: a teaching on the tradition, the meditation period, a time of discussion.  After meditating together,people return to life charged with that energy of faith that comes from being in the presence of the one who promised to be with those who were open to him.

• “Community” is a much-abused term.  The meditator, however, has a strong personal sense of what it means and why it is important to support and protect one another in a culture increasingly bent upon privatizing and dehumanizing the individual.

• A Faith journey is essentially “other” centered.  Christ is both with us and among us.  A living Faith connects us with others.  We encourage people to join local weekly groups.

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