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Bonnevaux Project

Who will Bonnevaux welcome?

Bonnevaux will be not only a home for all members and friends of the WCCM. It will welcome everyone of any faith or background with whom we share a contemplative approach to the problems of our world. Rooted in our wisdom tradition it will be open to all sources of wisdom, ancient and modern.
  • Individual meditators will be welcomed to deepen their personal journey.
  • Community leaders and national groups will come for retreat, training, personal deepening         and for special courses. What they receive at Bonnevaux they will take back to their                       communities.
  • Professional and social leaders will meet in the peace and beauty of Bonnevaux both to               renew their commitment as servant-leaders and to be active proponents of social change.
  • Monastics of all forms, traditional and modern will join a core group of resident oblates who       will nurture Bonnevaux’s Benedictine spirit.
  • Interns who may be mid-age, third age, university gap year students or young professionals         will reside and work with the core community.
  • The Oblate Novitiate year will be developed and expanded.
  • Partners in other faiths and organisations will be warmly welcomed.
  • Solitaries seeking to come closer to God and to the world
  • Passing pilgrims will today, as St Benedict said in the 6th century, be ‘received as Christ himself.'
  • The next generation of teachers will be nurtured and empowered to share the gift of meditation with others.
Registered Canadian Charity   Income tax receipts will be issued for donations over $25.

Thank you   Your contribution helps us bring the gift of meditation to many.  Your generosity contributes to the inner and outer peace that expands throughout the world as people discover this simple practice.
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