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Who Are We? The Canadian Christian Meditation Community

  • A part of the World Community for Christian Meditation.  Our mission is “To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on  through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition, in the spirit of serving the unity of all.”

  • Many of us meet weekly in meditation groups across the country. See Community Groups.
  • Regional and Area Coordinators in each province lend support to these groups and their leaders by organizing retreats and other local events.
  • The National Coordinator and Regional Coordinators form the Canadian National Council which provides support and overall direction to the Community.

What does the Canadian Council do?

• Organizes retreats, conferences, workshops and seminars supporting the essential teaching of John Main and implements the vision   of the World Community.

• Offers the Canadian Schools: teaching forums for sharing the gift.
• Publishes and distributes a quarterly Newsletter. 
• Distributes books,CD’s and videos to assist people in learning to meditate.
• Maintains a National Website.
• Maintains links with the World Community for Christian Meditation.

What is the World Community for Christian Meditation? (WCCM)

• A community established in 1991 that teaches a contemplative tradition of meditation rooted in the Gospels and re-vitalized by Benedictine monk, John Main.  (1926-1982) Around the world over 2000 groups gather in homes, churches, community centers, hospitals, schools, prisons, universities and places of work.


• No annual membership.
• Rely on donations by individual meditators. 
• Annual Appeal for the National Community.
• Annual Appeal for the International Community under the Friends Program.
• Registered Canadian Charity,

Canadian Christian Meditation Community National Resource Centre

P.O. Box 53092

RPO Royal Orchard Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 7R9 514-485-7928            

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