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COVID - 19

APRIL 30, 2020

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APRIL 1, 2020

April 1, 2020


Easter at home


This year most of us will celebrate Easter at home, continuing to maintain physical distancing disciplines. We will give thanks for the new life in Christ at a time when gatherings of any kind are not allowed. For example, in Ontario now it is prohibited for five or more persons (from different households) to meet.


The small group meetings of Christian Meditation practice is now suspended indefinitely. The way in which we relate needs other venues, other means. A resurrection of our practice is underway. We will not come out of this fallow time, this Lenten season, unchanged. That is the promise of Easter.


I am pleased to see the attempt by many to explore online meditation, whether through WCCM or Canadian facilities. Regional coordinators have been given access to a shared, national ZOOM meeting room. At the end of April, the national council will be meeting via ZOOM (as we normally do) to review the use of technology in maintaining and growing the community across Canada.


Groups who normally meet face to face, are now trying online meditation; groups from Toronto, Winnipeg, Quebec, francophone Manitoba, Vancouver, Outaouais, Calgary.


On every week day at least one group is using the national ZOOM conference room. Other groups are also experimenting with Google Meets/Hang Outs.


If your group has begun exploring online meditation, or would like to, please contact your regional coordinator for support and direction. At the end of this current health care crisis, the council would like to know how this ‘experiment’ has worked for you. And consider how to nurture growing this medium for future, similar circumstances.


As suggested in the earlier update, consider your first priority reaching out to your group members with a phone call or email. Maintain those caring relationships. Take care of yourselves and continue to meditate in whatever way possible.


In Christ, with us


Martin Malina

MARCH 29, 2020

MARCH 17, 2020

COVID - 19 response

With the information we have today (March 17, 2020), the national council feels it is both prudent and responsible that our meditation groups suspend all weekly meetings effective immediately. Some of you have already made this decision. It is our hope that we will all be strongly encouraged to do likewise.


We understand how difficult some of these unprecedented decisions may feel. Our tradition, especially in Canada, is rooted in the small group meetings. Nevertheless, these important considerations reflect a deep concern for those most vulnerable – particularly elderly and those with compromised immune systems.


First, if you have a contact list of those attending your meditation group, please consider setting up a 'phone tree' call-out to check in with members.


Second, the national council executive is looking at how we can make alternative arrangements for still remaining connected throughout this time of social distancing. As the global health crisis evolves, can we explore other means of meditating together using online meeting rooms?


Please refer to this website in the coming week for more detailed information of a temporary, all-Canadian online meditation schedule using our ZOOM (conference call) account.


Times like this call us to be creative and resilient in our practice of remaining connected, not only in our twice-daily practice within ourselves but also through the silent presence of the Spirit of God’s Son in the community of love.


Martin Malina

National Coordinator

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