Selected Stations of the Cross. For the complete presentation of the Stations with photos and music go to www.wccm.org
Jesus is Condemned to Die
Jesus is innocent and truth-filled. He is a victim of institutional injustice. The legal process that condemns him is the guilty one. He is an outsider without rights or respect. He has no recourse against the system of power which he threatened simply by the force of his own innocence and truth-telling. He stands alone. Mocked, Humiliated. Surrounded by a crowd feeding on bloodlust.  In himself he holds the victims of inhumanity and injustice throughout history, the wrongfully accused, the tortured, the disappeared, the slandered and exterminated. By his wounds humanity, past and future, is healed.
Jesus is Forced to Carry His Cross
In his cross all human suffering is pressed. It is the tree of the world’s pain. The loneliness. The shame. The loss. The unrequited love. The neglect and abuse. Can I find my suffering touched by his cross? “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Have I accepted the Cross I am to carry? Has it become his yoke?
Jesus Falls for the First Time
When a president stumbles on a stair the world gasps. When a person collapses under the wight of their suffering do we look away? When people we work with burnout or lose their temper with us or say they can’t take it anymore – do we feel and understand the weight they are collapsing under? To fall is not a fault. It is only too human. Do I feel ashamed and accused when I fail? Do I pretend I am stronger than I really am? Have I yet discovered that God’s power is manifest in human weakness?
Jesus Meets His Mother
A mother remembers every moment of her child’s existence. To see it ended before hers is the extremest loss. Let us hold in our hearts all parents who have lost children. And all children separated from their parents by poverty, war or abuse. Let us pray that in the pain of Mary’s grief on the way of the cross all may find a companion and healing compassion.
Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
When we suffer intense affliction our identity is destroyed. We become faceless, unrecognizable, anonymous. It is a degree of pain beyond rejection. To gaze upon the invisible, to listen to the voiceless, restores identity in the gift of compassion. And it leaves a mark on us, as the face of Jesus was said to have been impressed upon the cloth with she wiped his head.
Jesus Dies and is Placed in the Tomb
The dragon roars in an empty tree. Final emptiness cannot be achieved. It can only be accepted, yielded into as the final surrender and letting go. Then the last breath is a perfect  offering of oneself with no hope for reward or anyone to witness even if they are standing at the foot of the Cross.


Laurence Freeman
Lenten Reflections 2021
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