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Welcome to Christian Meditation With Children

Meditation, in the Christian tradition, is often called the prayer of the heart.  You can learn here about the tradition, how to meditate and how to teach meditation to children and young people. Meditation builds community and you are invited, through this website and Educators’ Blog to become part of this world wide community.


Meditation is found in all religious traditions. In Christianity it is the heart of the contemplative teaching of Jesus on prayer. In recent years its recovery in the mainstream of the church’s life at all levels, has led to the formation of a strong global community. One of the most significant developments in the world of Christian Meditation is the way in which children and young people are embracing this form of prayer.


We hope your visits will enrich your spiritual path. We want you to consider a new learning and a new imagination for our world that locates the teaching of stillness and silence within each person at the heart of education.



“To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teachings of John Main, in the Christian tradition, in the spirit of serving the unity of all.”

Une réflexion sur la Méditation Chrétienne avec les enfants (1)

Une réflexion sur la Méditation Chrétienne avec les enfants (1)

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Bishop Crosby
Une réflexion sur la Méditation Chrétienne avec les enfants
Bishop Crosby on
Christian Meditation

Most Rev. Bishop Douglas Crosby O.M.I., D.D. Diocese of Hamilton

New Resource DVD & Booklet


Teachings on Christian Meditation

"Something is Growing"

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Christian Meditation with Children BHNCDSB  Dropbox Link to Power Point with videos and narration.
WCCM Introduction to Christian Meditation 
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WCCM Meditation with Children
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Contemplative Life
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International Website

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Christian Meditation For Children

And Young People 

Offers useful resources for educators teaching Christian Meditation to Children and Young People 

Stations of Contemplation and children Meditation 

A Contemplative activity for children  


Materials for Training Teachers

Supports the teaching of Christian Meditation to children 


Weekly letters for meditating with your children

Read weekly letters for meditating with your children 


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