In our community worldwide we are working together to offer a ‘contemplative path through the crisis’. As you will have seen from our website or other mailings you have received from the community, we will be proposing a healthy variety of resources and events from which you can select whatever you find helpful to you personally or to your family, or to a group that you may be meditating with online.
If you belong to a regular meditation group and are missing it because it’s suspended, think about meeting together online at the same regular time. It’s not hard to set up and you can get simple advice if you’re technologically challenged.  There’s a large list of online groups already meeting you can select from as well.
This Path has already begun with an online series of ‘inter-contemplative dialogues’ between Alan Wallace, an old friend, and a well-known Buddhist teacher and myself with Eva Natanya, a Catholic Buddhist scholar and myself. I will be sitting in the library at Bonnevaux with some of our community here. He and Eva will be sitting in a Carmelite monastery in Colorado. And you will be wherever you are. We will all be in the same moment, paying attention together. Each session will conclude with a meditation session. We will be together then in the one place that unites us all through the dimensions of time and space. These conversations will be posted online after their live transmission. We will be celebrating a contemplative mass on Sunday.
All the updates for this path will be posted on our website which will be your one-stop point of call:
Many of the teachers in the World Community will be involved in making and contributing to this Contemplative Path. And I invite you to contribute your ideas and suggestions of what you feel would be useful and nourishing.
Quite regularly, but not overloading you with choice, we will be updating resources and events that you might find helpful in order to follow a contemplative path through this difficult, anxious and, for many, lonely time. We have all heard that the Chinese word for ‘crisis’ means both danger and opportunity. I hope this Contemplative Path will help make the opportunity clearer and easier to grasp.
The essential purpose of all this is to strengthen your daily practice of the muscle of attention - which is pure prayer. Petitionary and intercessory prayer are authentic forms and we need these too. Just as we benefit, too, from worshipping together. But it is pure prayer, the prayer of the heart - that is not ‘mine’ alone but my entry into the one, unifying prayer of the Spirit - that is most potent and transformative. Change your heart and you have already begun to change the world.

Laurence Freeman
Lenten Reflections 2020

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